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  Xiangtan city hunan shield public bicycle service co., LTD2015Years11Month was established,Is the only specialized in xiangtan city public bike rental system operating companies。Company with“Services for citizens,Satisfy citizens”The aim of the,According to the“Cohesion is good、Some polyhedral widely、Management orderly、Easy to use、Efficient operation”Requirements,Efforts to build“Low carbon environmental protection,Green travel”With characteristic of xiangtan public bicycle system。   Unified company is responsible for vehicle scheduling xiangtan city public bike rental system、Network monitoring、Customer service、Stop protect maintenance management work,The company has integrated office、The operations department、Customer service、The finance department four functional departments。   To improve the traffic,Alleviate the masses“On the road、Stop...

Contact phone number:0731-55550077       Xiangtan city yue cloud disk auto mall pond areaAArea8Building a layer18Number
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