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  • Department of home education  Dedication to fall in love 2019.06.03

    The feeling of home education devotion to fall in love6Month1Children's day that day,The board of directors of the company with a strong heart,Contributors to the reed's house bay county school district17Computer,For the homeMORE +
  • BIMPolicy | In gansu province2020In class a design institute in the provinceBI 2018.11.28

    BIMPolicy|In gansu province2020In class a design institute in the provinceBIMRate is not lower than the figure30%Large public buildingsBIMThe figure rate100%   《Gansu province peopleMORE +
  • Gansu XinGe engineering design co., LTD、Gansu hengda engineering detection 2018.11.19

    The collective activity by gansu XinGe engineering design co., LTD、Gansu hengda engineering detection co., LTD. Jointly organized,In order to“Team training”Form is introduced,MORE +
  • Party members  The worker  Professional ethics education training seminars 2018.10.30

    Party worker vocational moral education training lectures---“Win in the sense of responsibility in execution”In order to improve the comprehensive quality of staff in an all-round way,Enhance the company's coreMORE +
  • Rational thinking and change power in conflict 2018.10.15

    MORE +
  • Gansu XinGe engineering design co., LTD2018The summary of work years 2018.09.14

    Gansu XinGe engineering design co., LTD2018Years work summarization convention9Month8On the afternoon,Gansu XinGe engineering design co., LTD. Leadership and all staff in the companyMORE +
  • Housing and construction about print and distribute in gansu province《Houses in gansu province 2018.09.07

    MORE +
  • About doing well2018The annual national survey and design of registered engineers 2018.09.07

    MORE +
  • About the forward《Gansu province housing and construction about the adjustment 2018.09.07

    Gansu construction〔2018〕415Number Secri construction bureau,Lanzhou city district administration of the urban and rural planning and construction,The construction drawing examination institution:In order to further increase“The pipes”To changeMORE +

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